Thank you Sabres Bantam A3

A huge thank you goes out to Yvonne Selle and Mike Wilts Bantam A3 team for hosting the CBSH team. Through their efforts we were able to raise $1650!! Everyone had a fantastic time on the ice and off, where we all met up for some snacks and good times.

Sabres Bantam Scrimmage

Happy New Year Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey!!!! We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and is ready to get back to some hockey!

We will be scrimmaging Mike Wilt’s Bantam Sabres team on Sunday, January 28th at Rocket, Lake Tahoe at 3:30 pm. It has been added to our calendar.

Let us know if you can attend by responding the Doodle Poll:

This will be a fundraising event and will need some volunteers. If you plan on attending and can help us out, shoot us an email and let us know.

Here’s to a great 2018!