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Dedicated to providing children and adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to play hockey

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  1. Looking to enroll my 8 year old for next season. I’ve been trying for the past couple years and covid put a hold on it the first time and the 2nd time I was told they didn’t have enough aides for new skaters. Can you please add my son to the list for the team next year? He is autistic. We live in Oswego, so not sure which rink is closest to us. Thank you,



    • Hello,

      Thank you for interest in our program! On the right side of our website, main page, is a note that says “Want to be a part of something awesome?” Click on the envelope and fill out the form to give us some information. We are currently not taking on new players as our season comes to a close at the end of March. We will start up again in September. We do currently have a waiting list from this year and we can add you to it after we get some information. Also check out “Pucks For Autism” they do ice hockey activities through the summer.

      Chicago Special Hockey


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