Coaching Requirements

Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey

Mission Statement

Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey is dedicated to providing children and adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to participate in ice and inline hockey.  The program will focus on basic skating and hockey skills.  Special Hockey Illinois will strive to promote and emphasize the development of sportsmanship, team spirit, increased confidence pride, and team unity.

Requirements for Volunteers

I.      The volunteer will abide by the policies and procedures of AHAI and USA Hockey including but not limited to the consent to be screened, complete an Authorization to Release information and be fingerprinted at an AHAI authorized Fingerprint Service Center and completing the AHAI Initiation Coaching Seminar.

II.    The volunteer must be registered with USA Hockey.

III.   The volunteer must always promote a positive and encouraging atmosphere for the athletes and the team.

IV.  Volunteers must be able to commit to consistently attending Special Hockey practices and events.

V.   The volunteer will not participate in any promotional activity regarding Special Hockey without the prior approval of senior staff.

VI.  All volunteer participation is subject to Special Hockey Illinois senior staff approval.

VII.  Volunteers are not allowed alone with an athlete or Jr. Coach at anytime unless directly related.

Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey may at any time terminate the volunteer’s participation in the program. These determinations are to be made wholly within the discretion of the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey senior staff.


2 thoughts on “Coaching Requirements

  1. My 11 yera old hockey playing son and I would be interested in volunteering. I know a few of the players. I am a Special Ed teacher.


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