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  1. Hello, sorry for the late response but I have a son that was in a car accident exactly 12 years ago ( Oct 26, 2007). He was a Triple A goalie, honor roll student & captain of the alter boys at church. He was a passenger in a car coming home from Marion Central Highschool (14 yr old freshman) when the car went off the road and returned sideways and was hit by a dump truck. The two on the passenger side died instantly. He was air lifted to Lutheran General and is still recovering. Hockey people have been great. My son went to Wendall Young’s goalie clinic before the accident. He had the whole Chicago Wolf’s team pray for him. There are many more people that helped this young man. He is now playing hockey in the rec league in Crystal lake and is playing well for a boy that had a fractured face & foot, blind in 1 eye. A stroke when he was in an indused coma & his diaframe torn by the seat belt. Again I know it’s late but maybe some other time. Take care, sincerely Williams father, Bill Schlau


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