Pucks For Autism Chooses Chicago Special Hockey!

This past summer, we hosted our first ever Inclusion skate at Fifth Third Arena. It was a free program offered to kids or adults impacted by Autism and other developmental disabilities. It was great to host that skate and see how much the kids loved being on the ice and what it meant to their families.

It validated the importance of programs like ours and its the reason why we are excited to share that our first grant recipient for 2022 is the Chicago Special Hockey program!

Their incredible program is offered in Chicago, Gurnee, Rockford, Orland Park, and Glen Ellyn that offers both kids and adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to enjoy the best sport in the world. They do everything within their power to keep costs down for the families, including lending gear to their players (at no cost) and fundraise to help keep costs down for the players and their families.  

We want to thank all of our incredible supporters for allowing us to give back to great programs like the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey (CBSH) organization!

On behalf of my family and Board of Directors team, I want to thank all of the amazing people that support Pucks for Autism. We are blessed to have great people involved in our events and support us that allow us to give back to great organizations like CBSH.

We want our kids to have the same opportunities as everyone else. We proudly support organizations like the CBSH. Thank you for supporting us and supporting PFA to allow us to give back to great programs like these!

Thank you!!

From ALL our coaches, players, volunteers and families Thank You Shawn & Henry Pfeiffer and Pucks for Autism!

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