Just Make It Happen … Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Continues to Lead

By Michael Svac, USA Hockey Central District Disabled Hockey Representative

How do you keep 170 special needs hockey players active during the COVID-19 pandemic? You bring them all together from the safety of their home and “just make it happen.” And one of the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Jr. Coaches did just that.

Using what has now become the new normal for meetings and family gatherings, Michael Seisser incorporated his love for hockey and his passion for helping others by developing a weekly Zoom program that connects the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey (CBSH) players for an intense workout and an opportunity to socialize.

The worst part of this pandemic has been the isolation and not being able to socialize. Our players with a special needs’ disability have to be extremely cautious during this time so they are not exposed to any respiratory viruses. As the team prepares to hit the ice soon, keeping them connected has been a challenge. But, CBSH Jr. Coach Seisser, a 14U hockey player for the West Dundee Leafs, embraced the challenge and made things happen this summer.

For the full article and pictures, click here.

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