2014-2015 Locker Room Policy

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Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Locker Room Rules

1. Parents will be highly encouraged to not enter the Boys +13 and above locker room. Male Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Coaches will be on hand to keep the players on track with dressing themselves, tying skates and appropriate behavior at all times.

2. Players, Coaches, Parents and/or Guardians ONLY will be allowed in the Boys age 13 and below & Girls locker rooms. I realize there are times when a parent is juggling a younger sibling. Please be mindful that we need to keep the locker rooms as least populated as possible and allow the other players the utmost dignity.

3. No Uncles, Aunts, friends of the family, caretakers are allowed in the locker room that we – Melanie Madsen, Steve Drews, Amy LaPoe, Tim Gabel, Sandra Conners, Ann Schoenecker, or April Fryza – have not been notified of/introduced to prior to the practice by the Player’s parents.

4. If a boy is not under the age of 13, but needs direct parent support to dress and undress, they must do so in the under age 13 Boys locker room.

5. If a father needs to assist his daughter in the girls’ locker room, and adult female coach or an adult female parent needs to be present at all times.

6. No complete removal of under garments and any time. Players and coaches need to take turns in the bathroom or they need to pick up a pair of spandex shorts to wear to and from the rink. All player and coaches are encouraged to wear this type of sports under garment to and from the rink.

7. Coaches are to never remove their pants while in the communal section of the locker room. It must be down privately in the bathroom.

8. No individual is ever alone in the locker room – parent, player, coach, sibling – EVER.

9. No one is ever alone in the locker room with a Player or a Junior Coach unless directly blood related.

10. The urinal in the communal section of the locker room must never be used by anyone associated with the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Club.

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